About us

Copper Group, also known as Distribuidora Guaticobre LLC, specializes in offering high quality imported and domestic copper tubing, refrigeration, HVAC, welding, gas, accessories, tools and hardware items. In this way, we have helped contribute to the development of small, medium and large enterprises.

We are the main importers of copper pipes, refrigerant gases, soldering and tools.

Distribuidora Guaticobre is among the top three distributors of copper throughout Latin America in the countries we have presence. With more than 30 years of experience in the market offering excellent customer service and our competitive prices, this has made us a very trustworthy company.



We are a group of companies that look to increase our costumer productivity, offering excellent quality products in: copper, air conditioning, refrigeration and hardware tools with superior customer service and competitive pricing.


To be recognized as one of the top distributors of the Air Conditioning, Copper, Tools and Refrigeration industries in Latin and North America. At the same time, maintain the highest quality of customer service while increasing our products offering.


We are proud to say that the Copper Group is the leader in copper distribution in Latin America in the countries where we have a presence.

Our copper pipes and fittings come of the highest quality and approving all the highest safety standards.

Trayectoria Coppper Group
Our core values
  • 40 years Experience
  • Added Value
  • Quality
  • Efficiency
  • Productivity
  • Export
  • Environment
  • Excellence
  • Trust
  • Leader
Our Products Lines
  • Copper ands Copper Alloys Tubes
  • Copper Coils
  • Gas Regulators
  • Gas and Water Valves
  • Water and gas fitting
  • Industrial Connections
  • Polyurethane Sheets
  • Copper Sheets
  • Coils
  • Rods and Bars
  • Copper Capillary Pipe
  • Machined Parts
Some of our partners are
Aliado McQuay
Aliado CG Sanyo
Aliado CG Diversitech
Aliado CG Wincell
Aliado CG Iusa
Aliado CG Honeywell
Aliado CG MDV
Aliado CG Daikin
Aliado CG Uniweld